Viridian Sea

Session 1

In Svitansk, Kulachok has an interesting job for the party.


As the party has settled into daily life in Svitansk, there was an altercation with some bandits that ended up with said bandits in jail while the party enjoyed some local popularity. This was actually a plot surrounding the kidnapping of Viktoriya Sheremetev, which we foiled.

The day after, Kulachok, the headmaster of the college sent at short notice a summons to the newly minted heroes for a special request.

Meeting Kulachok

At the venerable college in Svitansk, Kulachok is a Warforged much like Mr. Brass, though they both refer to each other as the Inscribed. No two of them are alike, and it shows – while Mr. Brass, for example, is covered in archaic runes, Kulachok’s head looks similar to a diving bell, whereas his body is robed in the burgundy colors of the college, while also maintaining the classic style of the Admiralty which he used to serve in his previous life. In order to satisfy a request by the powerful Gorodet family, for a handsome fee, the party was to escort a collegiate, Elbert Borst, to an abandoned ancient quarry – the Pinrose – north of the town a couple of days away to see if it is worthwhile for use again. The party readily agreed and prepared to journey out to the site the following morning with Elbert and a host of surveying equipment.

During the evening before leaving

  • Fyodor Tantiscroff went to the local monument of Melora to offer a brief prayer.
  • Lesya Solomina had a brief run-in with the town watch, who warned that the miscreants that the party had defeated in the prologue were getting out of jail very soon.
  • Morgan Windsender went to the market to pick up some gear.
  • Mr. Brass went straight to the docks and sat there for a good 18 hours or so until the following day.
  • Lesya then searched the campus for Elbert, who is an acquaintance of hers: she found him in the college canteen at suppertime, but he was busy preparing for the journey.
  • Everybody except Mr. Brass met at the local tavern, The Waving Stone. Dinner was had, and the people who needed sleep got some sleep.

During the boat ride up to the site

  • Everybody took turns poling the boat upriver to share the burden of travel.
  • The party stopped to have lunch before continuing into the evening.
  • In the evening, the party was put up for the night in a private room at a tavern up the river, a few miles past the operating Basilisk quarry, where Elbert had some interesting things to say

Elbert talks about the journey

It turns out, nobody actually has property rights to the land that the an old silver mine may be located on. This has some large implications, as previously it was thought that the land was under the domain of one of the electoral families of the kingdom. This would mean instead of mining rights going to the landowners, it could go into the kingdom’s coffers directly, a huge bonus for the Kingdom of Kirupilov. However, nobody knows about the old silver mine, so adventurers (in this case, the party) were needed to find the site under secrecy. Given the option of backing out or continuing forward, the party unanimously agreed to aid Elbert in his journey.

Discovery of the mine

In the late afternoon of the next day the party came across an old worn road that vegetation had grown over; investigating further (leaving Elbert behind with the equipment), the party finds that this is likely the entrance to not just any mine, but a silver mine with Moradin’s blessing. This must be the abandoned mine that they were sent to find. However, nobody knows why this place has been abandoned for more than eighty years…

Guess it’s time to find out!



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