Party Operating Procedures

What is this page?

This is a page for players to make notes about how the party works on a mechanical level and a discussion for tactics. This is intended to evolve over time as characters get more abilities or change their characters.

Party Marching Order

Order is listed from front to back. Special notes for why this is set up this way is noted below. This is for single file (1 tile wide) or double file (2 tiles wide) situations.

  1. Lesya Solomina (Front) – As the Defender of the party, Lesya is a natural choice for the vanguard of the party when combat starts.
  2. Fyodor Tantiscroff (Front) – With the highest Passive Perception of the party (19)
  3. Mr. Brass (Mid) – As a soft caster with the lowest hitpoints and AC, Mr. Brass is keen on being protected.
  4. Morgan WindSender (Rear) – As a ranged attack specialist with decent AC, Morgan brings up the rear in case of a back attack. This should buy enough time for the party to reorganize.

Special Tactics and Party Combos

Morgan’s Racial Ability: Group Awareness (Non-elf allies of Morgan have a +1 bonus to Perception.)

Lesya as a Defender: Lesya can mark one or two enemies at a time (up to three total enemies) and those marks stay until she deliberately changes them, the targets die, or the encounter ends. This means lasting penalties to attack anyone not Lesya, so it should be remembered who she has marked and who she has not.

more stuff here if we find out cool abilites

Party Operating Procedures

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